WhatsApp Rachakonda Police - 9490617111

RACHAKONDA POLICE Launches CITIZEN – POLICE CONNECT PROGRAMME through WhatsApp - 9490617111 on 02-07-2016

All SIs and above rank officers connected

Citizens can complain, report, suggest and update by sending messages, Audio, Video clippings, Images to 9490617111 relating to :

Crime, Women Harassment, Eve teasing, Traffic, Law & Order, etc.,.

What is WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp is a messaging app which can be downloaded from the internet free of cost

WhatsApp can be used in any smart phones

We can share messages, photos, audios and videos

We can make groups of up to 100 people or contacts - earlier it was 50

Web Page Application

Requirements for User :

Every WhatsApp user should have a smart phone

Every WhatsApp user should have internet connectivity

Every WhatsApp user should feed the Rachakond WhatsApp control room phone number : 9490617111 which will be the Group Admin Number common to all Police Groups

WhatsApp - Advantages compared to other Messenger Apps like Wickr, Telegram, Threema, Instagram

It is very popular

It is easy to send messages, photos, audios & videos related to the crime scene, criminals, suspects, Traffic violations / problems and other policing related matters by using WhatsApp.

It is free of cost

Familiarity of Public and Police is using WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp can be viewed on computer screens & other media

Advantages to Rachakonda Police

All SIs and above rank officers will be on WhatsApp - 501 to be exact

A financial burden is not much and will be met from the present sealing amount for each rank of officers by providing for internet connectivity

All police officers are divided in to the following groups

1) L & O Group - 66

2) Crime Group - 99

3) Traffic Group - 79

4) Malkajgiri Zone Group - 64

5) L.B.Nagar Zone Group - 66

5) Bhongir Zone Group - 00

6) Media Group - 56

All the (6) groups will have a common group admin no: of 9490617111

The messages will be transmitted to all the groups/ or the concerned group by the group admin

The intention of WhatsApp service is to enable police to immediately transmit messages, photos, videos of any Scene of Crime, any incident, any suspect, a criminal who’s on the run after committing a crime, a arrested person, information about any snatching – Robbery-property

Traffic offences/violations, traffic jams, any suggestions on improving traffic flow, any traffic violator who’s resisting etc.,.

The police officers will be expected to share information, photos, images immediately

This will be retransmitted by the Group Admin with a common number 9490617111 to police officers in all other groups simultaneously

This will help all officers to be aware and alert about whats happening in other parts of the large jurisdiction of Rachakonda and take action as per the situation

e.g. if a snatching occurs in LB Nagar area, the message along with any photo which may have been clicked by anyone in the public or captured by the CCTVs can be transmitted all over the Commissionerate to search for the accused

Advantages to Citizens

They can stay connected to Rachakonda Police through just one no: 9490617111

They can send messages, photos, videos of anything happening in their surroundings, any incident, any suspicious person, any other issue troubling them, any traffic violation, any crime they witnessed etc to 9490617111

This will be transmitted to the concerned police SHO/Sector SI/ACP/DCP for necessary action by the Control Room/Dial 100 tie-up.

The action taken report will be collected from the officer and sent to the citizen on need basis, as and when required