ACP Ibrahimpatnam
V.Yadagiri Reddy
Designation Asstistant Commissioner of Police Cell No. 9490617106 Land Line 08414 - 222833 Fax 08414 - 222833 Email acp-ibp-rck [at] tspolice [dot] gov [dot] in Social Media Facebook | Twitter


Designation Asst. Commissioner of Police
Division Ibrahimpatnam
Zone L.B.Nagar
Location Ibrahimpatnam PS premises
Area in Sq.Km --
Population 4.43 Lakhs Approx.

Zonal Contact

Unit DCP Office Control Room
Phone 27853900 27853418
Mobile 9490617202 9490617100
Fax 27853819 - - -
eMail dcp-lbnr-rck [at] tspolice [dot] gov [dot] in ci-pcr-rck [at] tspolice [dot] gov [dot] in